Linksys smart wifi – FAQ’s

Linksys smart wifi – Here are some of the FAQ’s answered:

  • What is linksys smart wifi? (

Linksys smart wifi is the domain that is used to gain access to the admin panel of the router. From here, the user can easily connect to their home network and access the advanced features as well as configure the settings of their router suitable to their needs. Linksys smart wifi allows the user to log in to their router admin panel and modify their network as they please.

  • How do i setup linksys smart wifi?

The setup process has become easier by accessing The user simply needs to open any internet browser and type in the address bar to access the login admin page. There, the user will need to enter the default information for their router. The default information is generally present at the back of the router. Once the login has been completed using, the user can access the multiple advanced features to personalize their network and change the default settings of their router.

  • How do i reset linksys router? (Linksys router reset explained)

Resetting the linksys router can be a little tricky. The reset button is usually present inside a small hole to prevent accidental resets. A reset is required when the password isn’t being accepted by the router for some reason. Using a paper clip or something similar, press the reset button and hold it for about ten seconds. The LED lights at front of the router will start blinking. Once they become stable, the router will be successfully reset to the factory default settings. From here on, the user can simply use linksys smart wifi login steps to access the admin page and change the default settings of their router as per their needs.

  • How to change the linksys smart wifi router username and password? (reset password)

To change the default username and password, the user must login to their router admin panel using linksys smart wifi. For that, the user can either access or the default IP address i.e. The user will then be asked for the default username and password to enter the admin page. If you do not have the default information, refer to the aforementioned question to reset linksys router back to its factory settings. Once the user has successfully logged in, use the on page options to go to ADVANCED and then Administration option. There, enter the desired username and password for your linksys router.

Make sure you do not enter any sensitive information in the username as it is visible to other devices.

  • What is the default IP address for the linksys smart wifi router?

The default IP addresses for most of the linksys routers are either or The user can simply type any of these in the address bar of the browser and access the admin page.

  • What is the default information for linksys smart wifi router?

The default username and password is usually “admin” for both the cases simultaneously. The username and password will be case sensitive so make sure they are the same.